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Lance Hoppen

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Wells Kelly
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Now hear RARE demo's, live recordings, and unreleased songs.

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Live Volume 1

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Live Volume 2

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Still The One Live

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Dancin' In The Moonlight

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 Orleans Official Website

There's more to Larry Hoppen than just great guitar. Take a look here.

"The best unrecorded band in the country,"
(circa 1972-73)

- Rolling Stone

www.wolfgangsvault.com now has 4 concerts of  Orleans, available.   The concerts were recorded in 1977, and features the lineup of Larry Hoppen, Lance Hoppen, John Hall, Wells Kelly, and Jerry Marotta.  The concert can be streamed for free or purchased for $9.99.


The longest recorded non cover song, "Analog Man"  6:45  -1996 "Ride" CD.
(Not "Analog Men" CD)

The shortest recorded non cover song:  "Dukie's Tune" 2:05
-1980 "Orleans" LP.

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Special thanks to Larry & Lance Hoppen for their input.

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Larry Hoppen

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Still the one - and still going strong after more than 35 years recording and touring, Orleans - the creators of the hits Dance With Me, Still The One, Let There Be Music, Love Takes Time and Forever released their latest studio album Dancin' In The Moonlight in 2005. In June 2007, the band released We're Still Havin' Fun, a collection of live recordings from their recently released debut concert DVD.  If that wasn't enough, Orleans is playing plenty of gigs across the country showcasing many new songs and a new member.

Today Orleans is Larry Hoppen, Lance Hoppen, Lane Hoppen, famed Elton John drummer Charlie Morgan and Dennis "Fly" Amero, who has replaced John Hall, the recently elected U.S. Congressman (D, NY-19)! Fly is a veteran of Orleans team from the early 1980s.

Sadly, cofounding drummer Wells Kelly passed away in 1984 in England while on tour with Meatloaf, but with his passing brought about the reunion of John, Larry and Lance through a brief performance at Wells' memorial service. Since then, Orleans has released many great albums and done countless performances with John, until mid-2006 when his Congressional campaign took precedence over his music career. Recently, Orleans - with Fly AND John - performed at a DCCC fundraiser where Spkr. Nancy Pelosi introduced the band!

This is a website dedicated to Orleans and their history. It's for the fans as well as all members of Orleans past and present to participate in anyway you or they choose in helping to develop an informative and accurate website. Everyone knows their history of the band from 1972 - 1976, but there's a lot of missing pieces from 1976 on that haven't been covered in great detail. We will, together over time, hopefully clear up misconceptions and trade reality-based information about the band since its beginning. My goal is that we wind up creating the most detailed and colorful history of a inique, wonderful band and those who have worked with them over the decades.

For current information on Orleans, check out their official website at www.orleansonline.com and be sure to sign up for the newsletter direct from Lance himself, lots of special offers, free music downloads, current news and more. It's ALL free !!! Click here to signup for the newsletter.

I've done my best to create a website from a fan's perspective. Here you'll find a comprehensive discography (which to my knowledge is the most accurate and complete one that exists on the band) with each album or CD receiving its own webpage. You'll be able to see the albums/CDs up close, inserts, obi strips, rare cd's like Analog Men (which was only released in Japan), the differences between U.S. and Japanese versions of a similar CD. The only thing missing may be lyrics to the songs.

There's an interview section, you can read reviews of albums, link to current and former band member websites, and I have posted tips in finding Orleans' music - things that have worked for me. I want this website to be interactive... have you been to a concert? have photo's? created a compilation CD for yourself of your favorite songs? have stories? Then PLEASE tell me/us about it ! You'll receive credit for anything provided.

Lastly, I've done my best to be as accurate as possible, however there is no definitive 'manual' on the band Orleans ;-) so if you see something you are fairly sure to be incorrect, PLEASE let me know at Admin@orleansforever.com Thanks and enjoy the site!


In 1979, Orleans released its 5th album "Forever" which spawned the hit song Love Takes Time. During this period, 16 Magazine ran an "Orleans Giveaway" contest for the Forever album and the Forever songbook. The winners appeared in the March 1980 edition of 16 Magazine, page 87 in the contest news section. Pictured below is that magazine. Below the magazine cover image, you can click on the box for a closeup of page 87.



The cost of 16 Magazine, March 1980, $1.00. The cost of 16 Magazine 2007, $3.99.